Out and about yesterday, wandering the city drawing and meeting mates, I stumbled across these guys doing parkour behind the main shopping centre. Ended up drawing them, just few sketches to practice capturing movement and weight.

I finally developed the first roll of film from my camera. These are my favourites. I’d like to try a different type of film next time, but I shall continue to play.

Last week I taught an animation workshop as part of a day organised by VIVID (Value Increase by Visual Design, which is a basically a cross-border network with number of leading parties in this field work together to give the sector an economic boost. VIVID takes a cross-sectoral approach in which education, industry and local government work closely together. They do awesome things, basically. For more information, go check them out here —-> vivideurope.net). One of their partners is Anglia ruskin University, which is where th workshops were based for the day. We set up in their studio and animatio suite and played with paper in stop motion, using the lovely new facilities the university had to offer (oh, hello Dragonframe). I brought in some Nat Geos from 1956 and we basically animated collaged images and made paper puppets. Man, my life is hard.

Real flamenco guitar and dance in seville. One day I will write about this, because it was not how you might imagine it to be. It was so much more.

Fish market in Seville. They taught me the spanish words for various fish whilst I drew them. They were very excited that I was drawing them.

The open-air market in Seville was a magical place. A hundred decimated barbies lined up on a towel, naked and sporting very questionable haircuts, right next to the stall selling vintage porn. 1970’s bush splayed out in a fan formation over a moth eaten rug. Nice.

Garlochi’s Bar, aka The Religious Icon Extravaganza Beer Place (no photography allowed)